The UN Security Council convened today for another discussion regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon held up a picture of the four Israeli soldiers who were murdered in a vehicular attack in Jerusalem last week and accused the UN Security Council of encouraging terrorism.

Watch: Danon addresses the UN Security Council

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About a month after an anti-settlement resolution was passed, the UN Security Council met again today (Tuesday) in order to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

During the heated discussion, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon said that the resolution inspired the terrorist who committed the deadly vehicular attack last week in Jerusalem and held up the pictures of the four IDF soldiers who were murdered in the terror attack. The Palestinian representative dismissed Danon’s claims and called on the UN to uphold the resolution that the Security Council passed.

Danon during the discussion

Danon during the discussion Photo Credit: Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry/Channel 2 News

Danon stated that UNSC Resolution 2334 encourages Palestinians to avoid direct peace negotiations and carry out terror attacks. Danon called on the UN Security Council to adopt a fair policy that is not anti-Israel.

Danon also addressed the Security Council member states and claimed that the resolution passed due to anti-Israel motives and not a desire to end the conflict. Shortly before the discussion, Danon was interviewed by Channel 2 News and said that the Israeli government is waiting “for Donald Trump to enter the White House.”