This morning (Sunday), the daughter of the Jerusalem terrorist who murdered 2 people was released from police custody. Police insisted on pressing charges against her, claiming that her social media posts incited violent riots during Yom Kippur. However, the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office claimed that she is no longer a threat and can be released.

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Iman Abu Sabih, the daughter of terrorist Musabah Abu Sabih who murdered 2 people in Jerusalem last week, was released today (Sunday) from police custody. Iman, 17, was arrested after posting on social media sites calls of support for her father’s actions. She also called for others to do as he did.

The daughter was arrested after a warrant was issued by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office. For the last few days, she has been under investigation for incitement. The Jerusalem District Police pleaded for the prosecution to file an official declaration against Iman, claiming that her actions led to the disturbances and riots during Yom Kippur.

Terrorist Musabah Abu Sabih

Terrorist Musabah Abu Sabih Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

However, the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office claimed that at this point, Iman presents no danger and thus there is no reason to file charges against her. Therefore, the police had to release Iman under restricting conditions: she is banned from Eastern Jerusalem for 2 months, can’t use social media or be interviewed and her bail was set at 2,500 NIS (approximately $650).