Sixty-eight arrests have been in connection with the unrest at the US Capitol on Wednesday.

“There were 68 arrested yesterday evening into the early morning hours of January 7. Of the 68 arrests, 60 were adult males and eight were adult females. Forty-one of those arrests occurred on US Capitol grounds and, to my knowledge, only one of the arrestees is from the District of Columbia,” Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee told reporters on Thursday.

Contee vowed to identify and hold “each and every one of the violent mob” accountable for their actions and asked the public for assistance.

“We still have a significant amount of work ahead of us… We have collected numerous images of interest that we are asking the community to help us identify,” he said.

Contee added that 56 police officers were injured in clashes with supporters of President Donald Trump who broke into Congress in an attempt to disrupt the certification of results of 2020 election winner Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund tendered his resignation on Thursday, effective January 16. His departure comes after calls for leading security officials at the Capitol to step down by senior lawmakers.