Defense Minister Benny Gantz took part in Monday’s meeting of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to discuss Israel’s regional threats.

“Iran continues to strive for nuclear weapons. It has extensions in many countries around the world and in the region. We mustn’t ignore this danger. Continued pressure on Iran and a determined act on our part to continue the embargo that is imposed on it is a goal of utmost importance,” Gantz said.

“Iran is interested in opening a terror branch in Syria, and we must prevent it. Using a variety of methods, we are operating against Iran’s attempts to become established in Syria and in other places in the region,” he said.

The Defense Minister also stressed that Israel has “zero interests” in Gaza, “apart from total calm and the return of the boys.”

“We would be glad to see Gaza flourishing. I would also be glad to see workers coming from the Gaza Strip. It can happen on one condition – that the boys return home. When we’ll see that happening, we will be able to develop the Gaza Strip,” he said.