In a new proposal, the Israeli Defense Ministry summarizes the yearly payments the Palestinian Authority makes to terrorists and their families and calls to deduct the same sum from Israel’s annual payments to the PA.

Avigdor Lieberman

Avigdor Lieberman Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The Israeli Defense Ministry issued on Tuesday a proposal for a bill intended to prevent the transfer of funds to terrorists and their families. The document detailed that the Palestinian Authority spent 7% of its budget in 2017 on payments to terrorists.

According to the bill, the Defense Minister will present the PA’s payment summary to the Security Cabinet at the end of every calendar year and then the same sum will be deducted from Israel’s payments to the PA. The reparations are defined in the document as “any transfer of money or an equivalent from the PA to security prisoners or their families for their offenses.”

The bill detailed that the PA paid a total of 550 million NIS to current and former prisoners and another 687 million NIS to the families of suicide bombers and injured terrorists. A terrorist who spends 3-5 years in an Israeli prison receives a 2,000 NIS monthly stipend, while one that is sentenced to 20-35 years receives 10,000 NIS per month indefinitely.

Furthermore, the proposal detailed that a married terrorist receives an additional 300 NIS per month and 50 NIS more for each child in his care. Prisoners who are residents of Jerusalem receive another 300 NIS per month, and those who are Israeli citizens are paid another 500 NIS. The Defense Ministry noted that the average income in the West Bank is slightly above 2,000 NIS a month.

 “The PA pays over 1 billion NIS a year to terrorists and their families annually,” said Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. “This encourages and commemorates terror. When the payments are determined according to the severity of the crime and the length of the sentence, meaning that whoever murders and receives a life sentence receives much more, this constitutes funding terror attacks against Israeli citizens.”