The majority of the Danish parliament voted in favor of banning burqas and niqabs in public places. Denmark is now expected to join other European countries that passed similar laws. According to estimations, around 200 Muslim women wear the garments in Denmark.

The niqab

The niqab Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Denmark will be the next European country to ban burqas and niqabs after the majority of the country’s parliament voted in favor of the ban. The Niqab is an Islamic headdress that covers a woman’s entire face apart from the eyes while the burqa covers everything including the eyes, which are veiled by a sheer cloth.

According to estimations, there are roughly 200 women in Denmark who wear these garments. The burqa debate is an ongoing controversy in Europe, with one side claiming that the ban impairs the freedom of religion while the other side claims that the headdress is a refusal to integrate into European society and a symbol of oppression.

Denmark will be joining other European countries that have already implemented a burqa ban in public areas, including France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and the state of Bavaria in Germany. “This is not a ban on religious clothing, this is a ban on masking,” said Jacob Ellemann-Jensen, spokesman for the Liberal Party, the largest party in the coalition and supporter of the ban.

The exact method of implementation of the burqa ban still remains undecided. Denmark will now be the first Scandinavian country to ban the Islamic garments.