Missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall’s dismembered torso was found late August in Copenhagen. On Saturday, Danish police announced that Wall’s severed head and limbs were discovered weighted down at sea along with her clothes. Danish businessman Peter Madsen, with whom Wall was last seen, is suspected of murder.

Kim Wall

Kim Wall Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Swedish freelance journalist Kim Wall, 30, disappeared on August 10 and was last seen boarding businessman Peter Madsen’s private submarine in Copenhagen. 12 days later, a passing cyclist found Wall’s decapitated torso after it got washed ashore. On Saturday, the Danish police force announced that Wall’s head, legs and clothes were found by police divers south of the Danish capital.

Wall boarded the submarine to interview Madsen, an amateur mechanic who built the small vessel in his backyard. The events that transpired while the two were underwater are still unknown but Wall never returned to shore.

Madsen initially claimed Wall was returned safety ashore but later changed his account and claimed that an accident on deck killed the journalist and therefore he had buried her at sea. Danish police suspect that Madsen murdered Wall and then drowned the submarine to destroy the evidence.