A report by a local  Israeli news agency has found a dramatic rise in violence among Israeli youth.

A minor stabbed at a nightclub, students forcing their friends into acts of prostitution, and gang rape on school grounds, youth violence in Israel is on the rise and worrying parents and police alike. In the past two months, there have been over 20 occurrences in which minors were taken in by the police for violence or other illegal acts, along with a number of other occurrences that most likely were not reported.

Despite the efforts of the education system to control the phenomenon, it has proven extremely difficult to control the behavior of the youth, with some of the students acting as the leaders of their very own gangs in the schoolyard.

“There are gangs at school. It sounds like something out of a movie, but it’s not”, one high school student told the news channel. “Almost every day I see someone come to school with a knife and I am not sure why they feel like they need to come to school with a weapon. There are also girls at the school that come with pepper spray to class”.

Another student attempted to explain the disturbing phenomenon, “Lots of times the guys at school try to appear ‘strong’ and they get into fights for fun, but there are students that don’t do anything about it because they are scared of what the kids will do”.