A transparency report published by Facebook shows that Israel asked in the past six months to obtain information on the activities of 237 Israeli civilians. The global leader in spying on its own citizens is the US, who asked Facebook to receive information about the activities of 27,000 American citizens.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 news

Hundreds of requiests for information on Israeli civilians were sent to Facebook within several months.  A transparency report released by Facebook on its operations indicated that in the last six months (January-June 2015), many countries sought information about tens of thousands of people. Israel has also asked Facebook to receive information regarding Israelis’ activities on the popular social network.

By far, most of the requests for user data came from government entities in the U.S.  The US asked for information about almost 27,000 Facebook accounts. Almost 80% of the US administration requests from Facebook were approved. India requested to receive information about 6,200 of its own citizens.

In the Middle East, Turkey is the country that sought the most information about its citizens: Out of 475 applications to follow its own citizens, almost all of them were approved by Facebook. In the last six months nearly 4,500 Posts were removed by Facebook according to government’s requests.