The Anatolian toy museum in Antalya, southern Turkey, has a 78-year-old baby doll with real hair from a child Holocaust victim on display, according to a report from Ruptly.

The hair that is displayed in a glass case at the toy museum comes from a Jewish girl murdered at Auschwitz in 1941.

The doll was purchased at a special exhibition of a curator in Germany and transferred to the Antalya Museum.

Emrah Ünlüsoy, director of the Anatolian Toy Museum, said the doll “is a very precious artifact of the museum, and it has a very touching story. In Nazi Germany, some 1,000 Jews were being slaughtered every day in Auschwitz.”

Before being sent to the gas chambers, girls’ hair was cut and used on dolls made for rich German children. “This is the tragedy of dolls with real hair,” he said.

The local Jewish community, wishing to reach the living members of the murdered girl’s family were allowed to take a sample of hair from the doll for DNA analysis,