Dozens of stolen electric bicycles were discovered in Tel Aviv shops, leading to the arrests of 3 suspects. Police are requesting that all citizens whose bikes went missing, call a nearby police station and check if their property has been located.

Photo Credit: Israeli Police Department/Channel 2 News

3 Tel Aviv residents were arrested yesterday (Thursday) on the suspicions of selling stolen electric bikes, tax evasion and tampering with the Israeli electric bicycle standards.

Last week, 13 minors who stole more than 110 electric bikes and batteries were arrested. During their interrogation, it turned out that they would sell the stolen goods to local stores.

Yesterday, police officers, tax officials and representatives from the Ministry of Transportation raided 3 stores that specialized in selling and fixing electric bikes. The police officers believed that these stores bought bikes from the teenagers who were arrested last week.

In addition, tax officials examined the stores’ reports and discovered many defects in their financial income books. Also, representatives from the Ministry of Transportation discovered several tampered bikes, which allow the rider to exceed the maximum speed limit for electric bikes.

20 electrical bikes and dozens of bike batteries were confiscated.