A new and extensive study based on data from a quarter of a million births and spread over 22 years reveals dramatic data. According to the study, babies born during weeks 37-38 of the pregnancy may suffer from severe medical problems.

Photo credit: Moshe Shai/ Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

According to a new and extensive study led by Dr. Asnat Walfisch and Professor Eyal Sheiner of Israel’s Soroka Medical Center, babies born during weeks 37-38 of the pregnancy, who are considered to be born on time (before week 37 is considered premature), have an increased risk of sleep apnea. This disorder causes fatigue, growth problems, behavioral disorders and concentration difficulties that can cause deterioration in school.

Parents of infants born during this period should be aware of the risks. If they notice that the child has sleeping and snoring difficulties, it is advised to consult a pediatrician and emphasize that איק child was born early- around weeks 37-38. In some cases, the babies will be sent for a tonsillectomy or other procedures, some of which are surgical and some drug therapy.

As of now, women who will ask for induction of labor by week 37 or 38 due to difficulties in carrying the pregnancy will be warned against it until at least week 39. The study was based on the data of 240,953 births over 22 years (between 1991-2013). Until today, it was thought that such complications could only arise in premature babies.