41-year-old Amir F. Guttman, an Israeli singer and former member of the Israeli boy band Hi Five, has passed away. Rambam Hospital stated that all options had been exhausted and that the singer was likely not going to survive the near-drowning, which took place at an Atlit beach on Saturday afternoon.

Amir F. Guttman

Amir F. Guttman Photo Credit: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90/Channel 2 News

Earlier today (Sunday), Deputy Director of Rambam Hospital in Haifa Dr. Mickey Halbertal explained that Amir Fryszer Guttman, the Israeli singer who nearly drowned yesterday at a beach near Atlit in northern Israel, will not survive, adding that Guttman’s family is at his side.

“After several more tests were conducted this morning, we have now exhausted all our treatment options,” explained Halbertal. “We have no ability to help, and right now his family is with him.”

Dr. Halbertal explained that Fryszer Guttman “has no chance of survival and although brain death has not been declared, he is very unstable. The decision is in his hands but as of now, we have no more to provide on top of all the treatments he has already received so far. He underwent a wide range of therapies and attempts to resuscitate him, but there is no option for us to do anything more. He is not under anesthesia, rather he is unconscious as a result of the trauma. His heart is still beating.”

Guttman (center) with his Hi Five bandmates

Guttman (center) with his Hi Five bandmates Photo Credit: Ortal Dayan/Channel 2 News

Fryszer Guttman nearly drowned yesterday along with his niece and a family friend near the Neve Yam beach in Atlit. The three entered an unsupervised beach and a wave swept over them. A group of surfers managed to save the girls, but Fryszer Guttman was only later spotted in the water and evacuated to the hospital.

The incident took place as the singer and his family arrived at the beach to celebrate the one-year anniversary of his mistaken cancer diagnosis that was later identified as Kikuchi disease. Fryszer Guttman was currently suing Ichilov Hospital for malpractice.