About six months ago, Elinor, who was pregnant with identical twins, was told by her doctors that one of the twins was severely underdeveloped and there was no way to save the pregnancy. But thanks to a rare and dangerous fetal surgery, the other, healthy twin was saved.

“They told me, ‘Come, sign this form to terminate the pregnancy and we will end this saga,'” says Elinor. The twin on the left side of her uterus was small and ill. The twin on the right side was completely healthy, but, because they shared their blood circulation, if one of them died the other would die, too.

Rather than ending the pregnancy right away, Elinor and her husband Dudi went to see Dr. Yuval Gielchinsky at the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem, whom they had heard about in the news.

Dr. Gielchinsky successfully performed the complicated surgery which separated the twins’ circulations and managed to save the healthy twin. This was the first time such a procedure was done in Israel.