A serious indictment was filed today against a 22-year-old Shuafat refugee camp resident who incited to violence and terrorism in almost 100 Facebook posts. The indictment states that the defendant turned his Facebook page into a “factory of incitement,” which became popular among many young East Jerusalem residents.

Watch: A video found on the defendant’s Facebook page

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The Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office filed a serious indictment against 22-year-old Malik Mahizan, a Shuafat refugee camp resident who uploaded Facebook posts encouraging violence and terror attacks against Israelis and praising terrorist organizations such as Hamas.

According to the indictment, Mahizan turned his Facebook page into a “factory of incitement” that included posts and videos that encourage violence. The content on his Facebook page became very popular among young East Jerusalem residents. He even posted a video of a children’s play featuring the young actors making bombs, shooting rockets and carrying out terror attacks by stabbing soldiers with knives.

The Jerusalem District Police explained that this case is different from previous cases involving incitement to violence on social media because this is the first time that an indictment has been filed due to dozens of posts on one Facebook page. In the past, indictments have been filed due to a single post or several posts but this indictment cites almost 100 posts that include content that incites to violence.  

The indictment charges the defendant with four crimes including support of a terrorist organization, incitement to violence and terrorism and public expression of solidarity with a terrorist organization.