Fatah has called for a shutdown of East Jerusalem and protests in response to US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit. Therefore, businesses are closed today (Tuesday) and protesters are taking to the streets to denounce US President Donald Trump’s declaration of Israel’s capital as Jerusalem.

Palestinians protest Pence's visit

Palestinians protest Pence’s visit Photo Credit: Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90

East Jerusalem shops, schools and businesses closed on Tuesday for a day of protest against US Vice President Mike Pence, who is in Israel for a three-day visit. Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas canceled his meeting with Pence after US President Donald Trump announced the embassy move and the declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Fatah called for the strike to take place on Tuesday across “all Palestinian sectors.” Wafa reported that “Islamic forces in Jerusalem” stated that the strike is “an expression of the anger of the Palestinian people.” The protesters were instructed to block roads in the city.

The call for the protest came as Israeli police preemptively tightened security in Jerusalem in preparation for Pence’s visit. The heightened security throughout Jerusalem began on Sunday.