Egypt has sent about 11 fuel tanks to Gaza in order to relieve the electricity crisis by enabling the Palestinians’ power plant to operate. The Egyptian aid comes two days after Israel reduced the power supply to Gaza due to the Palestinian Authority’s refusal to pay for the electricity.


Archive Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Two days after Israel announced that it has officially started to reduce the power supply to Gaza, Egypt decided to help the Palestinians. Trucks of fuel started to make their way on Wednesday morning from Egypt to Gaza so that the power plant in Gaza can operate. The trucks will enter Gaza via the Rafah Border Crossing.

The manager of the crossing on the Palestinian side said that about 11 tanks containing approximately a million liters of fuel are expected to enter Gaza in order to relieve the electricity crisis.

On Monday, JOL reported that Israel reduced the amount of electricity it supplies to Gaza by about 6.7%. The power supply reduced the daily availability of electricity in Gaza by about 45 minutes.

According to the Palestinian news agency Ma’an, some Gaza Strip residents reported last night that they have electricity for about two to three hours a day. The news agency stressed that the decrease in Gaza’s power supply came at the request of the Palestinian Authority despite the concerns voiced by humanitarian agencies.