Two vehicles exploded at an Egyptian Army checkpoint in Rafah, killing 10 Egyptian soldiers. In response to the deadly attack, the Egyptian army eliminated about 40 terrorists and foiled additionally planned attacks.

Egyptian soldiers

Egyptian soldiers Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

A deadly attack in the Sinai triggered an especially harsh response from the Egyptian Army: at least 10 Egyptian soldiers were killed and 16 wounded in two suicide bombing attacks in Rafah today (Friday). The terrorists drove in two vehicles and blew themselves up as they passed through an army checkpoint. At this time, no organization has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Egyptian Army stated in response that security forces eliminated about 40 terrorists and defused six other car bombs. The army’s statement reported that additional attacks were foiled in northern Sinai.

In the past four years, Egypt has endured multiple terror attacks primarily perpetrated by the group in the Sinai. Since 2013 when the current Egyptian president led a coup that overthrew Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi, hundreds of Egyptian soldiers and policemen have been killed under Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s leadership.