A delegation consisting of representatives from Hamas and Islamic Jihad movement have left the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border to Egypt, after an uptick of violence in recent days between Israel and Gaza, according to Palestinian media outlets.

After weeks of relative calm, two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israel in response to the Israeli air strikes that targeted a Hamas post in northern Gaza strip.

Bassem Na’im, a senior member of Hamas blamed the escalation of violence on Israel. “Israel is looking for any justifications to shirk its obligations to break its blockade. The Palestinian people will not allow Israel in any way to continue its blockade against them or keep its shirking from the understandings to install the truce, under flimsy pretexts,” he said.

The Israeli army has also deployed several more Iron Dome anti-missile batteries throughout the country to gear up for an uptick in violence with the Eurovision contest in Tel Aviv, Israel’s Independence Day just around the corner,  the Muslim Ramadan which starts today,  and the May 14th anniversary of the US Embassy’s transfer to Jerusalem