The Egyptian Court announced today that from now on, all of the activities of Mohammed Morsi’s movement will be forbidden in the state.

The Muslim Brotherhood is illegal

The Muslim Brotherhood is illegal Photo Credit: Reuters

Is this the end of the Muslim Brotherhood movement?  The Egyptian Court forbade today all of the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in the state, according to reports from the Reuters news agency.  The Egyptian court decision came even though the Provisional Government denied that their intention was to make the movement illegal.

 Since the ouster last July of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi that was appointed by the movement, the country has conducted an extensive campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood movement.  The judge, Mohammed Al-Said, ruled that the “Egyptian court forbids all of the activities of the organization, including its non-governmental branches and any other activities it conducts.”

 The Al Akhbar newspaper reported two weeks before that the Egyptian Provisional Government decided to dismantle the movement, a day after the attempted assassination of the Egyptian Interior Minister.  The newspaper reported that the movement will not be recognized as a non-governmental organization and the decision was made after the movement was accused of shooting and storing weapons as well as explosives in its official headquarters.

 The Muslim Brotherhood was registered as a non-governmental organization in March, following the prosecution presenting a claim that they didn’t have a legal position.  The movement has existed since 1928 and was officially disbanded by the Egyptian Army in 1954.  There has been no official response from the Muslim Brotherhood yet.