The Egyptian Antiquities Minister turned to Interpol demanding that it halt the planned online public auction of 126 objects from the age of Pharoah that were found in showrooms in Jerusalem.

Objects from the Age of Pharoah

Objects from the Age of Pharoah Photo Credit: AP

Ancient battle: Egypt called for a halt to the public auction of 126 Egyptian archaeological objects that was planned in Israel.  According to a report by the Al Arabiya TV Channel, Egyptian Antiquities Minister Mohammed Ibrahim, turned to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and called for the halting of the planned online auction.  

 “In the spirit of exposing websites, Egyptian archaeological findings were followed and presented on display; over 110 items were exposed,” said Ali Ahmed, the responsible Antiquity Affairs official that reported to the French news agency AFP.   

 According to him, the origins of the objects were found in two show rooms in Jerusalem and added that “all of the displayed objects were from the time of Pharoah.”

 The Antiquities Minister called on the Tourism and Antiquities Police and Interpol to “be in connection with the responsible authorities in Jerusalem and to demand that the Israeli authorities organize background checks proving ownership of the objects.”   In addition, Minister Ibrahim demanded that the authorities will explain how archaeological objects left Egypt.