Joe Biden has been pushed over the threshold of 270 votes required to secure the victory in the 2020 presidential race after  he Electoral College convened on Monday to cast their votes,

The state of California was among the last states for the electors to vote, awarding the Democrat 55 electoral votes – the campaign’s largest prize – and propelling him to receive a total of 302 electoral votes. Later, the state of Hawaii wrapped up the Electoral College vote, handing Biden four final points to his tally and making it 306 – a score that matches with the media projections.

Incumbent President Donald Trump received 232 votes.

During the Electoral College vote, there were no “faithless” votes recorded, meaning that no electors chose to deviate from the public endorsement of that state’s popular vote.

The Electoral College vote is not the final step in the process of selecting a president, as the Monday votes are sent to the US Congress to be counted and certified on January 6, 2021.

Biden will take the oath of office on January 20 2021.