After her husband the Duke of Edinburgh announced that he would be retiring from his position last week, 91-year-old British Queen Elizabeth II has not rested for a minute. In pictures published this week, she is even seen driving alone in the streets of London.

Queen Elizabeth II driving her car

Queen Elizabeth II driving her car Photo Credit: Gim Bennet/Channel 2 News

Her husband may have retired last week creating a storm in the UK, but Queen Elizabeth II is still just as active as ever and is even driving on her own. In pictures captured by Jim Bennet, the 91-year-old queen was seen driving alone in her luxurious Jaguar, most likely on her way home to Buckingham Palace from a service at the Royal Chapel of All Saints.

The pictures may have become the talk of the kingdom, but the royal subjects are not surprised at all as the Queen is known for her love for driving. In many movies about her, the Queen shows off her maneuvering abilities – even in an SUV.