Elor Azaria who has been found guilty for shooting and killing a neutralized and unarmed Palestinian terrorist and is awaiting his appeal, collapsed today (Sunday) while completing work on base where he is under open detention. Azaria is at a medical facility for more extensive testing. His family believes what he is undergoing has had an affect on him.

Elor Azaria

Elor Azaria Photo Credit: Flash 90/Channel 2 News

Elor Azaria, who is in open detention at the Nachshonim IDF base, collapsed Sunday during first sergeant duties on base. Azaria was taken to a clinic on base to be examined and tested. Although no unusual results were found, medical personnel decided against taking a chance, and sent Azaria to a larger clinic in the Binyamin area for another series of tests, including an EKG.

Azaria’s parents arrived at the clinic to be with their son. A source close to the family stated that though Azaria’s life was not in danger, his parents were worried. According to the source, there is no doubt that the fact that Azaria doesn’t fully comprehend what he is being judged for affects him greatly.

Sharon Gal, who has been accompanying the family since the beginning of the affair, added in a conversation with Channel 2 News Online that “the combat soldier has been under heavy emotional pressure since the trial and is very disappointed with the outcome, which must have affected him. We hope that this is not serious. Family members are with him and hoping that everything will be OK.”

The IDF Military Court of Appeals’ decision on Azaria’s case is expected to be made in a few weeks. Until then, Azaria is due to be released from his army service, yet it is still unclear where he will await his sentence during this period; either at the base, or in jail. The panel of judges in his case announced that it would reach a decision on the matter at a special meeting.