World famous British singer Elton John held a press conference today in which he announced his last world tour. According to the Daily Mirror, the 70-year-old star’s The Farewell, Yellow Brick Road tour will contain more than 300 dates around the world and will span over a three-year period.

Elton John in Tel Aviv in 2016

Elton John in Tel Aviv in 2016 Photo Credit: Nati Shohat/Flash90

British singer Sir Elton John announced during a press conference live-streamed from New York that he will stop touring after nearly 50 years on the road in order to prioritize his family, the Daily Mirror reported on Wednesday. However, the British superstar did state that he would go on one final tour in order to say goodbye to his fans.

The Farewell, Yellow Brick Road tour will contain a series of 300 dates around the globe and will continue into 2021. “I’ve been touring since the age of 17. I’m not going to travel anymore,” Elton said at the press conference. “I’m not in ill health – you couldn’t do 300 performances if you were ill.”

Elton later said that he believed that his career would be similar to those of Ray Charles and BB King, who he said were “on the road forever.” He then revealed that he made this decision due to his two sons. “Once your life changes and you have the children, it changes your life so much – I love them so much,” he said. “We’re going to take them out for nine months and get them a tutor. I don’t want to miss them and I don’t want them to miss me.”