First report: The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation will most likely be launched in the middle of May and the managers of the corporation will not be replaced. However, the news department of the corporation will undergo structural changes.

Kahlon and Netanyahu

Kahlon and Netanyahu Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

After weeks of speculations and five meetings between the two sides, the Israeli Justice Ministry is formulating the plan for the new Israeli public broadcasting network. According to the agreement that was reached by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, branded as KAN, will be launched just a few weeks after the scheduled launch date. It appears that the date will be moved to May 15.

In addition, the bill aimed at monitoring the media will be withdrawn from the political agenda. This is considered a victory for Kahlon in the crisis with Netanyahu. It appears that the news department of the corporation will be independent even though it will operate from within the corporation. The employees of the news department will be former Israel Broadcasting Authority employees and employees of the corporation. However, not all Israel Broadcasting Authority employees will be offered positions at KAN.

It also appears that the director and CEO of the news department will be selected by a committee headed by a judge. In addition, Gil Omer and Eldad Koblentz, the managers of the corporation, will not be replaced.