Ranking All 20 Premier League Mascots for the 2019/20 Season

Here in England, we’ve picked up one enjoyable aspect from American sports. The mascot. From Arsenal’s Gunnersaurus to Manchester United’s Fred the Red, mascots are usually men of few words, so how on earth do you best go about ranking them?

Today, we’ll be introducing you to the mascots of all twenty Premier League clubs - some have more than one, some you'll be familiar with, some you may not have heard of before. 

Some are the strong, silent type. Some are cute animals that kids love. Personally, we like the ones that cause mayhem! We’ll be factoring in all these components to find out who’s made it into the number one position, so join us as we count down the best Premier League mascots.

Norwich City: Captain Canary

Over the years, Norwich City seem to have had more mascots than players! They’ve had a green and yellow-tailed lemur from Madagascar, Splat the Cat, a giant, green triceratops and a mobile phone. 

Mascots are meant to inspire fun, frivolity and energy to pump up the crowd but, with his pot-belly and forlorn face, he seems only to spread doom, gloom and existential angst. Captain Canary looks like he’s just had his house repossessed by the bank. The best at firing up Norwich fans was club owner Delia Smith so it’s quite surprising that Captain Canary is still in employment.

AFC Bournemouth: Cherry Bear

Down at the Vitality Stadium, Cherrie Bear is one of the mascots aimed firmly towards young football fans on the South Coast. He looks fun but other than being called Cherry, he has no relevance to the team. This lack of creativity is the reason he ranks so low on the list.

Tongue lolling as he sniffs out his favourite food - honey - he bangs the drum for the Junior Cherries and helps with charity and community work. A few years ago, there was a giant bear-hunt in Dorset as Cherry Bear was kidnapped. Don’t worry - he was found by school kids and it was all part of Bournemouth University’s program to teach kids about forensics.

Sheffield United: Captain Blade

It makes sense for Bristol Rovers, aka the Pirates, to have a pirate mascot, but we’re not quite sure of the Blades’ connection to buccaneering. Landlocked Sheffield is 62 miles from the seas as the crow flies!

That said, blond-mopped Captain Blade is somewhat of a hero up at Bramall Lane, the man behind the mask, Gary Shanks has been playing the character for over two decades and received a lifetime achievement award. In addition to bringing the players out on the pitch, Captain Blade helps the team smuggle wins out of draws and turns Sheffield steel into gold doubloons.

Brighton & Hove Albion: Gully

Often seen buzzing tourists for their fish and chips on Brighton Beach, Gully and his friends Sally and Sammy turn out whatever the weather to inspire fans. But Gully doesn’t only appear at the AmEx Stadium, he helps the local community and a few years back, put in an appearance when father gave his daughter away at her wedding...

Dad said he would perform the honour only if he could dress as he wanted. His daughter thought he’d turn up to the church in his Brighton shirt but Dad showed up dressed beak-to-claw as the seven-foot, ginger-haired Gully! That's just shellfish.

Southampton: Sammy and Mary Saint

Next up is hound dog husband and wife team, Southampton mascots, Sammy and Mary Saint. Here they are hanging around with another famous Saint - no, not Matt LeTissier - Saint Nicholas. Not only are they all mates, but Sammy and Santa’s wives and their home ground are all called Saint Mary's! 

While the pair of Basset Hounds look pretty uninspiring, Sammy’s half-time shows at St Mary’s are renowned throughout the Premier League and his most famous appearance was when he performed Gangnam Style, only to get in a huff when his dance spectacular was rudely interrupted… by the second half! That’s just inconsiderate, ref!

Tottenham Hotspur: Chirpy and Lily Cockerel

Looking like they fell into the stadium straight out of a 1980s Kia Ora advert, Chirpy and Lily Cockerel are le cocks sportif that adorn the Spurs badge. Lily’s a more recent addition but Chirpy’s no spring chicken as he’s traveled around the world representing the Lillywhites.

Here he is in an epic game of tag with the Juventus mascot in Turin and here he is causing mayhem at the Mascot Derby. Thankfully, he’s been through several redesigns as, at one point, he went all goth and evil during his teenage years!

West Ham United: Hammerhead

Not so long ago, West Ham had three, yes three mascots - Herbie the Hammer, Bubbles the Bear and Scoopy, but in 2011, all that changed. Legend has it a bolt of lightning hit the nearby ironworks which the Irons, aka the Hammers are named after, and a mighty warrior made of iron was born - Hammerhead.

In profile, Hammerhead kinda resembles a hammer but see him from the front and he looks more like Kryten from Red Dwarf. And like Kryten and Peter Crouch, Hammerhead breakdances like a robot, too!

 Chelsea: Stamford and Bridget

Mane-man, Stamford was joined by Bridget in 2013. Top marks to the person who came up with the names but, design-wise, these two Chelsea mascots need a redesign if they want to become the pride of West London. Geddit? Pride, as in... lions?

The Chelsea-supporting male and female lions are always busy making friends, entertaining kids and posing for selfies with fans in far-flung places like America, Japan and Singapore. Maybe being jetlagged explains why they both seem a little gormless and ever-so-slightly cross-eyed. No cross-eyed lion ever saved a half-time penalty.

Newcastle United: Monty & Maggie Magpie

One for sorrow, two for joy. Newcastle’s mascot couldn’t be anything other than a magpie really, but since one magpie is bad luck, they opted for two by giving Monty a girlfriend. Maggie is the one with pink eyeliner, we think. 

Sharing more than a passing resemblance to the Baltimore Ravens’ Poe, Monty and Maggie Magpie are the only Premier League mascots that are members of the crow family. Like all Geordies, Monty and Maggie can be seen out-and-about in Newcastle during winter wearing a T-shirt, with a packet of smokes tucked under their arms.

Manchester City: Moonchester and Moonbeam

Boyfriend and girlfriend aliens hailing from the planet of Blue Moon, Moonchester and Moonbeam arrived at the Etihad after hearing Manchester City fans singing their beloved song. 

With their giant bunny rabbit ears and piano-key eyes, the two, bizarre-looking intergalactic characters fell in love with the club since saying “take me to your leader”. In recent months, they have even been given more responsibility and even some say on team selection. Here they are giving midfielder Kevin De Bruyne a Pep-Talk.

Manchester United: Fred the Red

Some Man Utd fans have been accused of being glory hunters. Not Fred the Red. Through thick and thin, Fred has been entertaining the troops, celebrating with Sir Alex, and commiserating Moyes, Giggs, Van Gaal, Mourinho and now Solksjaer since 1994. Considering he’s a devil, they’ve done a good job of making him kid-friendly.

Loved by fans, Fred the Red can be a naughty little devil. Earlier this year, he famously wound up Leeds fans at a pre-season friendly in Australia and was showered with beer.

Liverpool: Mighty Red

Sorry, Liverpool - you play some scintillating football but your mascot isn't gonna win you the title. Depending on the angle you catch him from your seat in The Kop, Mighty Red could be mistaken for a goldfish or koi carp.

Full of life, the giant red character is, in fact, meant to be the mythical Liver bird, a type of cormorant which is the beloved symbol of the city of Liverpool, and the Anfield club. Rising like a phoenix from the flames in 2012, to make matters more confusing, if Mighty Red has a beak, why does he need teeth and a tongue as well? Answers on a postcard, please.

Arsenal: Gunnersaurus Rex

Making his debut in 1993, this 7-foot, bright green T-Rex is always up for a laugh as he lolls around the Emirates cuddling kids, high-fiving Arsenal players, distracting the opposition for his manager and scoring and saving penalties; even though he’s only got little arms.

Gunnersaurus was created by 11-year-old Peter Lovell, who won a competition to design a new mascot. Now all grown up, Peter told ESPN that winning the competition helped his confidence no end; “That's the moment I went from being intimidated by the world to believing that I could do anything.” See the power of mascots? Maybe Peter should have a word with the current Arsenal players! You can read all about Gunnersaurus and see Peter’s original design here.

Aston Villa: Hercules and Bella

Chelsea - take note! This is how you design gorgeous-looking male and female lion mascots. Everything that Stamford and Bridget get wrong, larger than life lions Hercules and Bella get right. 

With his bright red mane and rippling muscles, he’s strong and powerful but still cute and with her beaming smile and doe eyes, she’s bound to make kids happy but not all fans are happy with her. Bella, you see, likes to shake hands and get selfies with the managers of visiting teams, which is a big no-no in the mascot world.

Crystal Palace: Pete & Kayla, The Eagles

When The Eagles aren’t singing Hotel Califonia, they’re Crystal Palace’s mascots. While Pete the Eagle is the official mascot, we’d be remiss not to mention Kayla, too. Kayla is a real American bald eagle who spectacularly swoops over Selhurst Park to entertain the fans. Unless you’re this idiotic Charlton fan who tried to punch her. Or a Millwall fan, who she once “nicked a pork pie off of!”

But it’s not all about Kayla. Never seen without his sunglasses, even when in bed with his wife, Alice – you’ve got to admit that Pete is cool. But as a kid, you’d prefer to have seen a real eagle, right?

Everton: Virtual Mascot

While they were sponsored by Thai beer company, Chang, Everton’s mascot was the fluffy, loveable Changy the Elephant. But when the deal ended, Everton became pioneering visionaries of the 21st century when they introduced 14-year-old Everton fan, Jack – the Premier League's and maybe the world's first remote mascot.

What witchcraft is this? Well, it’s a small robotic camera that allows one young fan with a long-term illness to attend the game remotely from their hospital bed. It may not be fluffy, and it may not breakdance, but this virtual mascot is a winner. Well done, Toffees!

Wolverhampton Wanderers: Wolfie the Wolf

Wolfie isn’t only cute, loveable and loyal, he’s also a legend in his own lunchtime. The Wolves mascot has calmed down since he met his girlfriend Wendy Wolf, but way back in 1998, Wolfie met three little pig mascots and we all know how that story goes! 

Down at Ashton Gate, three pig mascots and Wolfie wound each other up during penalties. Wolfie started a punch-up on the pitch and, after the match, was also involved in another fight that saw Bristol City’s cat mascot fired on the spot! Of course, Wolfie went on to worldwide fame as the sight of a giant wolf scrapping with pigs got shown on TV screens everywhere!

Watford: Harry the Hornet

With his puppy dog eyes, teddy bear’s nose and golf-club-like antenna, Harry the Hornet is a bit of a mismatch but somehow, Watford’s mascot just works. He’s adored by kids because he’s cute as a button and slightly more unusual than other mascots. 

Adults love him too because he’s not afraid to pull his punches. He got in trouble for emulating Wilfred Zaha’s diving after the Crystal Palace striker was booked in a previous game. Palace manager Roy Hodgson branded Harry’s bee-hive-iour “disgraceful” and the man behind the mask, Gareth Evans, hung up his boots soon after. What a legend!

Burnley: Bertie Bee

Burnley mascot Bertie Bee is another mascot who’s a legend in his own lunchtime. If you want to see loyalty and dedication, forget kissing the badge, Bertie Bee is perhaps the only Premier League mascot to spend time behind bars for the club he loves!

After a questionable decision during Burnely’s win against QPR in 2013, Bertie handed the linesman his glasses and was sent off by the ref. But instead of being sent down the tunnel or to the stands, Bertie was next seen in custody in a makeshift jail. Bertie also quite spectacularly rugby tackled a streaker who invaded Turf Moor.

Leicester City: Filbert Fox

Named after Leicester City’s old ground, Filbert Street, you’re looking at the only fox to have won the Premier League and the only mascot to earn his very own boot sponsorship deal to wear PUMA evoSpeed Tricks! 

Leicester’s mascot since 1992 – that’s a whopping 27 years – Filbert has appeared at over 1,000 home games at Filbert Street and the King Power Stadium. Loyally cheering the Foxes on from the sidelines and entertaining the crowds, much-loved Filbert has never missed a home match meaning he’s outlasted 19 First Team managers! How’s that for dedication? That's why this cute fox-in-the-box Filbert tops our list of Premier League mascots.