Cloud Computing has become one of the most famous platforms all around the world. It is being used in almost all the industries all around the world. Oracle is one of the most famous cloud platforms. There are a lot of people who know how to operate Oracle cloud platform but there are very few that can accurately configure setup and manage the platform. These people have special skills that can be proved with the help of certifications. Oracle Cloud certifications are in high demand.

In this article we will know about all the types of Oracle Cloud certifications and their advantages

Types of Oracle Cloud Certifications

There are seven major categories of cloud certification and each of these categories offer various credentials to the aspirants. The candidates have to give certain exams and score a passing percentage in order to qualify and get certified. The certificates associated with each of these categories are:


There are two Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certifications under IaaS Category. These include:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2018 Certified Associate
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic 2018 Certified Associate Architect



There are seven categories that come under the PaaS and each of these categories also have their sub categories.

I. Application Development has the following

  1. Developer Cloud
  2. Mobile Cloud and Chatbots
  3. Application Container Cloud
  4. Visual Builder Cloud
  5. Java Cloud

II. Integration has Integrated Cloud certification

III. Data Integrated Cloud has the following:

  1. Data Integration Cloud
  2. Mobile Cloud Service

IV. Business Analytics has Analytics Cloud certification

V. Data Management has:

  1. MySQL Cloud
  2. Big Data Cloud
  3. Database Cloud

VI. Content and Experience has the Content and Experience Cloud certification

VII. Management Cloud has the following:

  1. IT Analytics Cloud
  2. Orchestration Cloud
  3. Log Analytics Cloud
  4. Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud
  5. Application Performance Monitoring Cloud
  6. Security



SaaS-CX has five categories that have sub categories which are the names of the certifications that they hold. They are:

I. Sales Cloud

  1. Customer Data Management Cloud
  2. Engagement Cloud
  3. Incentive Compensation Cloud
  4. Partner Relationship Management Cloud
  5. Sales Force Automation Cloud
  6. Sales Performance Management Cloud

II. Service Cloud

  1. Cross-Channel Contact Center Cloud
  2. Field Service Cloud
  3. Knowledge Management Cloud
  4. Policy Management Cloud
  5. Web Customer Service Cloud

III. Social Cloud

There is only one certification which is the Social Listing and Engagement Cloud certification.

IV. Configure, Price and Quote Cloud

The certification that the candidates can apply for is Configure, Price and Quote Cloud certification.

V. Marketing Cloud

  1. Marketing Automation Cloud (Eloqua)
  2. Cross-Channel Orchestration Cloud (Responsys)
  3. Data Management Platform (BlueKai)


There are four Sub categories of certifications that come under the SaaS-EPM. They are as follows:

I. Enterprise Performance Reporting

II. Enterprise Planning and Budgeting

III. Financial Consolidation and Close

IV. Profitability and Cost Management



SaaS-ERP has four sub categories with their own categories of certifications. These are:

I. Financial Cloud

  1. Accounting Hub Cloud
  2. General Ledger Cloud
  3. Payables Cloud
  4. Receivables and Collections Cloud
  5. Revenue Management Cloud

II. Procurement Cloud

III. Project Portfolio Management Cloud

  1. Project Costing and Accounting Cloud
  2. Project Management Cloud

IV. Risk Management Cloud


SaaS-HCM also has four sub categories out of which three have their own sub categories of certifications. These are as follows:

I. Oracle Global Human Resource Cloud

II. Oracle Talent Management Cloud

  1. Talent Acquisition Cloud
  2. Talent Management Cloud
  3. Learning Cloud
  4. Taleo Learn Cloud

III. Workforce Rewards Cloud

  1. Payroll Cloud
  2. Benefits Cloud
  3. Compensation Cloud

IV. Workforce Management Cloud

  1. Absence Management Cloud
  2. Time and Labor Cloud


The last type of certifications is SaaS-SCM certifications that have seven sub categories. These are as follows:

I. Logistic Cloud

  1. Logistics – Transportation Management Cloud
  2. Warehouse Management System Cloud

II. Inventory Management Cloud

  1. Cost Management Cloud
  2. Inventory Cloud

III. Manufacturing Cloud

IV. Product Lifecycle Management Cloud

  1. Product Lifecycle Management Cloud
  2. Product Hub Cloud

V. Procurement Cloud

VI. Supply Chain Planning Cloud

VII. Order Management Cloud

  1. Configuration Cloud
  2. Order Management Cloud
  3. Pricing Cloud

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Advantages of Oracle Cloud Certifications

  • You will gain enough knowledge and skills so that you will be able to compete in the ever changing technology world. With the knowledge you gain by opting for these certifications, you will be able to do better at your job and will become one of the most cherished employees.
  • Oracle is a globally recognized organization and getting certified from Oracle means that you will also get recognized globally. You will be able to use the certificates all around the world and apply for new jobs and much more.
  • It is seen that the people who hold Oracle Certificates have a 7% salary hike than the people who do not have the certifications. You will always have a higher salary in any job you apply for. So, if the growth in terms of salary is your aim, then these certificates are the best for you.
  • If you have the skills of handling and dealing with Oracle Cloud Platform, you will need a proof so that the world can know your capabilities. These Oracle certificates are the best way to show the employers that you are a good pick for their company and you can be one of the employees that can bring in profits to the company or organization.
  • You will also get numerous job opportunities that can help you in making a much better career in this field.


Best Preparation Source

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To Sum Up

All in all, Oracle Cloud certifications are some of the best cloud certification that IT professionals can get for themselves. As we have already mentioned, the candidates will need to pass some exams in order for them to get certified. These exams can get tough with each level and the candidates have to pay a lot of attention to the types of questions that are being asked. The best way to prepare for these exams is by checking the syllabus and taking the study material from the official website. The candidates can easily buy or download the study material from Oracle website or they can get it from the websites that have been approved by Oracle. Just make sure that the study material that you have chosen is legitimate. Additionally, solving the practice papers on a regular basis can also be really helpful if the candidate takes care of checking and working on their mistakes. Try out the PrepAway website and the most actual material it offers. Remember that all of these certifications will require you to have practical skills as well; so, do not ignore that aspect of the training. If you study hard, you can get any of the above given Oracle Cloud certifications easily and you can get certified and reap the benefits with ease.