Two days ago, many famous Israeli actors and actresses arrived at the Kiryat Shaul cemetery in order to honor for the last time actress and filmmaker Ronit Elkabetz. “You impacted the lives of many people, you gave a voice to those who could not speak,” said a close relative of the deceased.

The Kiryat Shaul cemetery, Wednesday

The Kiryat Shaul cemetery, Wednesday Photo Credit: Ezri Amram/Channel 2 News

The Israeli entertainment world parted from Ronit Elkabetz two days ago: Friends and family members of the star arrived on Wednesday at the Kiryat Shaul cemetery. On Tuesday, Elkabetz passed away at the age of 51, after a long battle with leukemia.

“You were a global icon, defying definitions and transcending borders,” eulogized her husband, Avner Yashar. “Six years have passed since we talked on the phone for the first time. It was on Passover eve. A short but eternal time, during which you picked me up, all of me and my life and guided me towards love, light, spirit, creativity and passion in everything and every action. To curiosity, research and precision. Six years of an abundance of light.”

Earlier during the day, Elkabetz’s coffin was displayed at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, in order to allow her fans to pay their respects. Hundreds of people participated in the funeral that was held later. Elkabetz was one of Israel’s most prominent artists and won three Ophir awards.