Israel’s Internal Security Minister strongly attacked US Secretary of State John Kerry ahead of his speech that is expected to be delivered tonight, where he is to present his solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. In a conversation with Israel’s Channel 2 News, Erdan stated: “The speech is destructive and joins the chaos that Obama’s government left behind it.”

Israeli Minister Gilad Erdan condemns US Secretary of State John Kerry

Israeli Minister Gilad Erdan condemns US Secretary of State John Kerry Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Hours before US Secretary of State John Kerry is to present his solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Israeli Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan related to the expected speech, stressing that it is anti-peace and anti-democratic. He argued that Kerry is biased in favor of the Palestinians.

“Whoever wants to understand how Kerry’s expected speech is anti-peace and anti-democratic should read the statement made by Representative Steny Hoyer, the Democratic Whip for the US House of Representatives and one of the most senior level officials in the Democratic Party,” he tweeted. Hoyer explained in his statement that “Kerry’s position is against the long-held American stance that principles for peace will only be achieved by both sides and it is clear that its publication will harm the Israeli position.”  

Erdan expressed hope that Trump’s new government will be able to fix the move made by the Obama administration: “We know about the American government’s unfortunate involvement in the UN Security Council vote and that the damage that the previous government left behind can be fixed.”

“The speech is destructive like the chaos that the Obama administration left behind in the Middle East: the agreement with Iran as well as his actions in Syria and Iraq,” the minister noted. “For 8 years, we have tried to maintain restraint despite our enormous ideological differences with the Obama administration, who erred in understanding what is happening in the Middle East and didn’t stick to the principles outlined regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria.”

In conclusion, Erdan emphasized: “We are focused on what is acceptable to both main political parties in the United States and what the Obama administration did, which undermines both peace and democracy, restricts Trump’s positions to what is not acceptable to him.”