Israel’s Internal Security Minister displayed a new revolutionary policy for cannabis use: “It will move beyond administrative fines and will include criminal penalties only as a last resort.”


Illustration Photo Credit: Abir Sultan/Flash 90

Israel’s Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan convened this morning a press conference, where he displayed his new revolutionary policy on how to deal with the use of cannabis after a team examined the existing policy. He stressed that the commission accepted that it won’t be a criminal offense to use cannabis for the first time. Instead, cannabis users will receive administrative penalties and will only be criminally penalized as a last resort.

Erdan detailed what will be the penalties for cannabis users caught by the Police. First time cannabis users will be fined a sum not yet determined by the police. Second time users will receive a double fine. Third time users will receive treatment in the framework of a conditional order. Only fourth time users will be prosecuted criminally.

Erdan clarified that these recommendations need the approval of the Israeli government. After the proposal is approved by the Israeli government, the police enforcement is expected to stop the search for light drugs in private homes and will concentrate only on public areas.