While the EU countries convene in Brussels in an attempt to reach an agreement with Turkey about the refugee crisis, Erdogan harshly attacks them. Erdogan was outraged by the EU’s refusal to denounce the PKK.

Erdogan attacks: “Europe supports terror”

Erdogan attacks: “Europe supports terror” Channel 2/Reuters

In a speech broadcasted on Turkish television, President Erdogan accused the EU countries of supporting terrorist organizations and criticized them for their treatment towards the issue of asylum seekers.

“While Turkey is accommodating 3 million refugees on its land, the countries which are unable to find room for even a handful and are holding these innocent people in the middle of the continent under appalling conditions, must first take a look at themselves,” said Erdogan.

Erdogan’s speech broadcasted at the same time as the summit meeting in Brussels between Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and leaders of the EU countries. The EU is hoping to arrive at a deal, in which Turkey will agree to take in many asylum seekers in exchange of political and economic assistance. However, the differences between the sides are too large and it is not certain whether or not they will arrive at an agreement over the weekend.

Recently, the EU criticized Turkey’s military operations against the PKK, which was rejected by Erdogan. He then accused the EU countries of “dancing in a minefield”. “Our battle against terror is proportionate and legitimate,” he added. “Nevertheless, many countries, mainly in the west, refrain from taking a strong stand against these terrorist organizations.”