The Turkish President said his country is willing to join forces with Israel in fighting terror, and said he is looking forward to resuming the negotiations for a reconciliation deal.

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In another step towards reconciliation between Turkey and Israel, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Thursday he is “looking forward” to a negotiation meeting next month between representatives of both countries.

Mr. Erdoğan also praised what he phrased as “a tight cooperation” between the two countries following last week’s terror attack in Istanbul which claimed the lives of three Israeli tourists. He added that Turkey is willing to work together with Israel in fighting against terrorism.

“The suicide attack perpetrated by ISIS, in which three Israelis and one Iranian were killed in central Istanbul on March 19, was not just a targeted attack against Israel,” Mr. Erdoğan said in a speech. “There is no good terror and bad terror. It is all evil. We have to fight against this evil. Let us pray that such attacks don’t reoccur.”