After the murder and rape of Israeli Ori Ansbacher in February by a Palestinian terrorist, the Israeli government passed a law that deducts monies given to the PA that equals the amount they use to pay terrorists and their families for carrying out terrorist attacks.

Israel collects taxes from her citizens to be given to the Palestinians for economic purposes. The ‘terrorist money’ that would be deducted is roughly 10 million Euros per month. Since the law passed in February, the PA has not taken any money from Israel in protest of this new law. Abbas has been adamant by saying that until that 10 million is given, they will not accept anything.

To keep these terror payments going, Abbas has cut the salaries and funding for civil institutions and their employees.

The European Union has picked up the slack to cover the cut funding for civil institutions by pledging 15 million euros to the PA.

Not only is the EU continuing to finance terror but so is Qatar.

Qatar’s envoy, Muhammad al Emadi, is currently in Gaza to the coordinate distribution of 30 million dollars to Hamas to be used for ‘rehabilitating’ the area.

Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has promised to give $ 480 million in aid to the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

”The Palestinian Authority will receive $ 300 million to support the health and education budget of the Palestinian Authority. The remaining $ 180 million will be to pay for United Nations humanitarian programs and electricity services (presumably in the Gaza Strip)”, Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.