The EU High Representative, Federica Mogherini, has met with the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to discuss several pressing issues including the need to ensure a political transition in Syria and the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Regarding the nuclear agreement with Iran, the high representative reaffirmed the European Union’s commitment to the agreement that they see as “key to preserving stability and security in the region”.

President Trump who withdrew from the nuclear agreement with has continuously called on European countries to withdraw from the agreement as well.

The EU High Representative described the meeting as “a positive and constructive conversation” in which both sides “reaffirmed their commitment to a strong transatlantic strategic alliance and bilateral cooperation”.

Mogherini also met with Donald Trump’s advisor, Jarred Kushner, and discussed the situation in the Middle East.

She emphasized that the European Union is ready to work with the U.S. administration on the basis of its traditional position; the commitment to a two-state solution that makes Jerusalem a shared capital between Israel and the Palestinians.

“In this context, the EU is ready to work with the US administration on the basis of its longstanding position, including the commitment to a negotiated two-state solution and agreed international parameters,” she said.