In a joint news conference with one of the Iranian vice presidents, the European Energy Commissioner told reporters that Europe will remain committed to Iran’s nuclear ambitions as long as it sticks with the deal, promising to boost trades with Tehran. The Iranian vice president accepted the promise but warned that if Europe did not do so, Iran might have to regress to its “worst option.”

EU and Iranian officials

EU and Iranian officials Photo Credit: US Department of State

The European Union’s energy chief said on Saturday that Europe is committed to the deal US President Donald Trump backed out of recently.

In a message to the Iranians, delivered during a joint press conference with Iranian nuclear chief and Vice President Ali Akbar Salehi, European Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Canete said to reporters: “We have sent a message to our Iranian friends that as long as they are sticking to the agreement the Europeans will…fulfill their commitment, and they said the same thing on the other side.”

He added: “We will try to intensify our flows of trade that have been very positive for the Iranian economy.”

During the same conference, the Iranian vice president who oversees Tehran’s nuclear activities expressed his desire that the EU would help save the 2015 nuclear deal made under Obama’s administration but warned that Europe would need to take action soon.

“If the other side keeps itself committed to its promises, we also will be keeping ourselves to our promises,” he said in English. “We hope the situation will not arise to the point that we will have to go back to the worst option.”

He also said that “America’s actions… show that it is not a trustworthy country in international dealings.” Salehi added that if the EU cannot save the deal, Iran could resume uranium enrichment at a higher level, among other things.

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that ending the Iran nuclear deal “is important for maintaining peace in the region and also for peace in the whole world.” He also stated that “ending this agreement would be a major threat to security in this region.”