The manhunt for the suspected driver of the van that murdered 13 people in Barcelona last week has been extended across Europe. Last night, it was reported that he has apparently crossed the border into France.

Watch: Footage of the Cambrils police officer and the attack

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Spain is still searching for Younes Abouyaaqoub, the 22-year-old Moroccan who is suspected of murdering 13 people in Barcelona last week using a van. On Monday morning, a senior Catalan official said that the manhunt for him has been extended across Europe. Catalan Interior Minister Joaquim Forn said that police throughout Europe are searching for him. “This is a joint effort, not just in Catalonia but all over the continent,” he stated. On Sunday, JOL reported that Abouyaaqoub may have crossed the border into France.

Forn added that the local police department has officially identified Abouyaaqoub as the driver of the van. “This is the main direction of the investigation,” he said. “All of the evidence points to this.” Meanwhile, Catalan police officers raided a few homes in the town of Ripoll, where many of the suspects involved in the attack lived.

Barcelona after the attack

Barcelona after the attack Photo Credit: EPA

The Spanish security forces said that according to its estimates, Abouyaaqoub is the last suspect still at large. In recent days, the other suspects have been arrested or eliminated by police officers. Others were killed by an explosion a day before the terror attack.  

Earlier today, JOL News reported that new details about the police officer who eliminated four of the terrorists who carried out the attack in Cambrils have been revealed. The terrorists involved in this attack were part of the same terror cell that carried out the Barcelona attack a few hours earlier. The police officer, whose identity was not revealed to protect him, is a former special forces soldier who was working overtime when the terror attack happened. His fellow officers revealed that he is a quiet family man who “really isn’t the Rambo type.” The fifth terrorist managed to murder a woman before another police officer eliminated him.