Despite the Israeli Security Cabinet’s resolution to reduce Gaza’s power supply, the decision has yet to be implemented as the result of certain technicalities and the Israel Electric Corporation hopes that it will not have to leave the Gaza Strip in the dark for a majority of the day. Several European nations contacted Israel in order to understand the costs and to find a solution soon.

Gaza in the dark

Gaza in the dark Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Over the past few hours, conversations between several European countries and Israel have been conducted in an attempt to find a solution and to prevent the decrease in power supply to Gaza. Several countries contacted Israel in order to receive information regarding the costs and to examine how to reach a solution concerning the issue.

Gaza’s electricity is provided by the State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, who pays for the bills, announced that it would stop paying, which could lead to an escalation in violence and a severe humanitarian crisis within the Gaza Strip. Currently, Gaza is short 15 million NIS per month following the Palestinian Authority’s decision to reduce the amount of power provided to Gaza, which was approved by the Israeli Security Cabinet.

Along with the political situation, the Israel Electric Corporation is preparing to implement the instruction. However, as there are a number of technicalities to work out, the preparations could take several days and the Israel Electric Corporation hopes that a solution will be reached so that it will not have to cut Gaza of their electricity.