Today, many Europeans were relieved to learn that the European Parliament decided not to ban the continent’s popular street food known as the doner kebab.


Illustration Photo credit: radist, 123RF/ Channel 2 News

This evening (Wednesday), the European Parliament rejected a legislation proposal that sparked outrage in Europe, which suggested the ban of the popular street food known as the doner kebab.  

The initiative was only missing three votes to pass with the needed majority. 373 voted in favor of the ban, 272 voted against and 30 abstained. The reasoning for the ban of the shawarma-like dish was that it contains phosphate, a chemical ingredient that was proven to have a link to cardiovascular problems by several studies.

According to the industry, the phosphate is necessary to keep the frozen meat tender and juicy. The ingredient acts as a kind of salt that stabilizes and preserves the meat. According to experts who argued for its ban, while phosphate can be found in many foods, it is excessive in the doner kebab.