Earlier this week, Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled was invited to speak at an event hosted by the European Parliament. Following an inciteful speech, Israel is attempting to prevent Khaled from speaking at other events.

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Several days ago, the European Parliament hosted an event in Brussels under the title of The Role of Women in the Palestinian Popular Resistance. During the event, terrorist Leila Khaled, who was involved in several plane hijackings in the 1960’s and 1970’s, was invited as a keynote speaker.

Khaled is a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), an organization that the European Union blacklisted as a terrorist group. “Don’t you see a similarity between the Holocaust in Auschwitz and the Holocaust in Gaza?” Khaled criticized Israel. “While the Nazis were tried in Nuremberg, no one has ever tried the Zionists.”

Following the controversial statements, MK Yair Lapid discovered that during the upcoming week, Khaled will be speaking at two other events in Spain, both of which are sponsored by the same far-left organization European United Left–Nordic Green Left. Today, Lapid appealed to Spain’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Ildefonso Castro Lopez and demanded that his country forbid these events from taking place.

NGO Monitor recorded Khaled’s statements and sent official complaints. “We have been warning European governments for a long time that their money and resources are reaching radical political groups,” the organization stated. “We hope that this event will serve as a milestone for change and will bring European institutions and governments to re-examine the policy of funding such organizations.”