The US president’s latest controversy regarding the reports of him allegedly sharing classified information with the Russians is making some European officials anxious and worried about continuing to share intelligence with the US. While Russia denied the reports, Trump took to Twitter to defend his actions.

Trump claims to have

Trump claims to have “absolute right” to share information with Russians Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

After reports US President Donald Trump allegedly leaked classified information to Russian officials last week, a senior European official told The Associated Press anonymously on Tuesday that his country would consider ending its intelligence cooperation with the Americans if it turned out that the classified information had in fact been leaked. The source explained that such leaks “could be a risk for our sources.”

Another European official, senior German lawmaker Burkhard Lischka, told The Associated Press, “If it proves to be true that the American president passed on internal intelligence matters, that would be highly worrying.”

As reported earlier by JOL, Trump responded for the first time to allegations that he revealed classified intelligence in his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister. In a series of tweets, the US president said he wanted to share the information with Russia, which he claims to have the “absolute right to do.”