The New Family Organization provides couples with Domestic Union Cards, which identifies them as common-law spouses in Israel and abroad. Ever since the European Union started to recognize the legal status of the card holders, more and more Europeans are choosing to come to Israel to tie the knot.


Illustration Photo Credit: Phongphon Sutantayawalee, 123RF/Channel 2 News

Many Israelis who are not interested in getting married through the Rabbinate choose to travel to Cyprus for a civil wedding. However, it turns out that other couples, non-Jewish and non-Israeli, are doing the exact opposite: coming to Israel in order to officially start their future together. This is what a young couple from Poland did. The two came to Israel for a civil marriage organized by the New Family Organization.

Natalie Komer and Martin Piuntosk came from the Catholic country in which more than 60% of the couples get married through the state or have religious ceremonies. The two decided that they want to start their life as a family in the way they choose but without losing the rights they deserve.

This is where the New Family Organization came in. The New Family Organization is the only organization in Israel that assists couples in getting their rights as a family if they choose not to get married through the Rabbinate. Since 2007, the organization has issued 56,000 Domestic Union Cards, which give the couples the same legal status and rights as married couples. After the cards were registered as a patent in the European Union, couples from the member states who are not interested in getting married through their state can come to Israel in order to tie the knot without the fear of not being recognized as spouses in their country.

The couple from Poland

The couple from Poland Photo Credit: The New Family Organization/Channel 2 News

Natalie and Martin came to Israel with their 4-year-old daughter for a modest ceremony at the organization’s offices. The New Family Organization has been in contact with a law firm in England, discussing the option of issuing Domestic Union Cards from their offices in the European country. “We see this also as good news for the tourism industry in Israel,” Irit Rosenblum, the founder of the organization, said. “Just as Tel Aviv turned into a magnet for gay tourism, we are on the way to welcoming thousands of Europeans as marriage tourists.”