Nir Zavaro
NIr Zavaro Founder and CEO of Streetwise

I spoke with Nir Zavaro to talk about his upcoming tour, where he will be traveling to Europe seeking out the personal stories of some of today’s most successful young entrepreneurs. These people are all members of an exclusive organization known as The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). This book will be the ultimate collection of entrepreneurial narratives.

Nir is among the most influential leaders in entrepreneurial peer-to-peer networking. He has written 2 novels, and teaches marketing and branding at various universities.


Q: Before we talk about your upcoming book, tell me about The Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and the role you serve in it.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization was founded by Verne Harnish and a few other well-known entrepreneurs. It is the world’s leading peer-to-peer network exclusively for entrepreneurs. This global business network of 13,000+ leading entrepreneurs spans more than 179 chapters in 57 countries.

EO enables entrepreneurs to learn and grow from each other in business and in life. We offer invaluable resources in the form of local, regional and global events, leadership-development programs, confidential forums and executive education opportunities. The organization has seen a plethora of famous individual pass through its doors, such as Michael Dell.

I manage the marketing aspects for the EO Europe. I work to better enhance the experience of our current and best present who we are to prospective members. I am the internal and external marketing manager sort of speak.


Q: What path led you to EO?

Funny enough, the IDF.

Yeah, I know.

As I was looking for my next big breakthrough, I felt I was stuck. My business was doing O.K but I was not sure what my next step should be.

My friend was having his bachelor party in Berlin, and I thought that would be a great opportunity to think about the next step and continue writing my next novel. During my stay, I met up with my former IDF army sergeant. We spent the time reminiscing about our time in the army, life, and work. I shared my struggles and he suggested to visit EO.

Two weeks later I enrolled in the Tel-Aviv EO chapter.


Q: This sounds like an exciting undertaking, tell me about your upcoming workshop in Europe.

In a period of 30 days I will visit most of the nineteen European EO chapters to host a two-part workshop.

The 1st part is open to current and prospective EO members, in which I will be talking about the art of crafting a sensational entrepreneurial story.

The 2nd part of the workshop will be further teaching this skill, where ten preselected individuals will have the opportunity to write their stories in five hundred words or less. Out of those ten, I will pick the best five. The goal is to get one hundred of them for the book.

Also, a videographer will join me throughout the trip to document my journey, which will provide a unique visual interpretation of these narratives.


Q: 30 days to visit 19 chapters spread across Europe! Doesn’t sound like you’re going to get much sleep. Why such a short trip?

What makes the EO so special is the path each member took to get to the finish line; not only in business but in their own personal lives as well. What we all have in common is the step of blind faith we took at point or another throughout the journey.

Entrepreneurship always puts your back up against a wall; everything is last minute and under budget, etc. It all starts with a dream, positioning yourself to achieve it, and overcoming all the obstacles on the way. Therefore, both to the attendees and for myself It is essential that my schedule reflects that,


Q: How do I join EO?

EO is designed for people who understand the need to invest time, and money to not only help their businesses grow but themselves as well.

This is what will make this book so special, as anyone who is looking for information, and inspiration in business or life can read the motivational journeys of some of the best and brightest of the entrepreneurial world.


We hope you enjoyed our interview with Nir Zavaro as much as we did. Check out to learn more about the book tour, to follow the vlog, and to contribute your own entrepreneurial story.