Exclusive: Israeli satellite images expose the extent of ISIS destruction in the Philippines just hours after Israel’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued a travel warning for the area. Israeli intelligence has recently identified increased movement of ISIS terrorists from the Middle East towards the Philippines.

ISIS destruction in Marawi

ISIS destruction in Marawi Photo Credit: Imagestat/ Channel 2 News

Israeli intelligence recently identified ISIS movement from Syria, Iraq and Libya towards the south of the Philippines, leading the Israeli Counter-Terrorism Burea to issue a serious travel warning urging Israelis not to travel to the island of Mindanao.

Shortly thereafter, satellite images taken by the Israeli company Imagestat of the city of Marawi, currently under ISIS control, reveal extensive damage and destruction that the organization’s terrorists inflicted throughout the urban area.

Before and After images of Marawi

Before and After images of Marawi Photo Credit: Imagestat/ Channel 2 News

The Philippines is considered to be the new hotbed of ISIS terrorism, now that the terrorist organization has been ousted from various parts of the Middle East. Among other attacks, reports from the area reveal that ISIS terrorists have smashed statues of Jesus and set fire to a church in Marawi.