Photographs from an Israeli intelligence satellite display the massive damage following the hangar explosion in Damascus last week. The photographs also reveal that whoever carried out the bombing relied upon precise intelligence.

The satellite footage

The satellite footage Photo credit: ImageSat/Channel 2 News

Exactly one week ago, an airport near Damascus was bombed by an unknown factor. A hidden shipment from Tehran arrived to the scene and was supposed to be handed over to Hezbollah in Lebanon. The massive damage caused at the airport is noticeable in the images photographed by an Israeli intelligence satellite.

The images from the EROS B satellite, which is operated by Israeli company ImageSat International, display the shipment and the hangar in which it was concealed. This shielded hangar, also known as a hardened aircraft shelter, is located above the ground and is generally utilized in order to hide fighter jets. However, somebody knew that convoys were being hidden inside and that weapons were inside the trucks.