Salah Nabwani, who was present when a jeep driver ran over three Israelis in Acre earlier on Sunday, says he and a few other people physically tried to make the attacker stop his vehicle.

Watch: The moment of the car ramming attack in Acre

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The Israel Police have determined that the incident in Acre, in which three IDF soldiers and a Border Police officer were run over by a jeep, was a terror attack and not an accident.

28-year-old Salah Nabwani was among a few eyewitnesses who physically tried to stop the jeep driver from causing more damage. “We ran toward him and threw things at him to make him stop, and I tried to block his path,” Nabwani said. “When he stopped, I tried to open the door but it was locked. Then the soldiers started to shoot.”

Nabwani added that the attacker was an unarmed young man. “I saw all the guns pointed at him and I told them to stop shooting,” he said. “I told them he had been hit and he was neutralized, so they didn’t have to shoot anymore.”

Police have stated that the attacker, a resident of the Israeli-Arab city of Shfaram, decided to embark on his car ramming rampage after receiving a traffic ticket.

The suspect’s lawyer still claims the incident was an accident. “I don’t understand how the police were able to determine it was a security-related incident in such a short time,” he said.