The relatives of those killed on the Mavi Marmara flotilla to Gaza in 2010 vow that they will continue their legal battle against Israel regardless of the reconciliation agreement signed between Israel and Turkey, as a part of which 21 million dollars were transferred to Turkey as compensation for the families.

Will not give up the legal battle. Archives

Will not give up the legal battle. Archives Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Despite the fact that Israel transferred 21 million dollars in compensation to the Turkish government, the families of those killed on the 2010 Gaza flotilla raid are threatening to continue to file lawsuits against Israel.

“We have no intention of dropping our legal cases,” stated Cigdem Topcuolgu, a Turkish academic who was on the Mari Marva and whose husband was killed during the IDF raid on the flotilla. “We are certainly not accepting the compromise that was reached with the Israelis. If one day they would come and kill your husband and the next day they would say ‘take this money, keep your mouth shut and give up on the case,’ would you accept that?”

Ismail Songur, whose father was killed on the Mari Marva, spoke out against the Turkish government and criticized it for failing to consult with the families before signing the agreement with Israel. “Nobody from the Turkish government asked our opinion before they struck the deal,” he stated.

According to the reports, Turkish sources confirmed that Israel has transferred the agreed-upon sum to the Turkish government but according to Rodney Dixon, a human rights lawyer involved in the case, the agreement between Turkey and Israel is unlawful under both international and Turkish law. “We are strongly supporting the case here in Turkey and our very firm plea to the court has been that they must continue with the case,” he stated. Meanwhile, Belunt Yildirim, the head of the charity that organized the Mavi Marmara, claimed that the case would never actually see an end. “Those who believe that the case will drop will be disappointed,” he warned.