The Regavim organization is claiming that the UN violated a construction permit issued by the Israeli government, and has called on Netanyahu to cancel the permit.

The UN headquarters in Jerusalem

The UN headquarters in Jerusalem Photo credit: Channel 2 News

A far-right organization is urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to order the evacuation of a UN building in Jerusalem, in response to a recent resolution by the UN Security Council against West Bank settlements, Channel 2 News reported Friday.

The building in question is located in Jerusalem’s Armon HaNatsiv neighborhood, and was built by the UN under a permit issued by the Israeli government. However, the pro-settler Regavim organization is now claiming that the UN violated that permit by taking up an additional 33K square meters of state-owned land.

The organization has called on the government to cancel the permit and reclaim the land. Other right-wing groups have gone as far as suggesting that the land be used to set up the new US embassy.

Some right-wing sources were quoted as saying that the upcoming inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump is the ultimate chance for Netanyahu to “prove he is right-wing.”

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister, MK Tzipi Hotovely, said the matter will be examined as part of “potential actions against UN agencies in response to the Security Council resolution against the settlements.”