Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas is preparing for his meetings and speeches in New York but meanwhile, Hamas is presenting him with another reconciliation challenge supported by Cairo. Yesterday, Hamas announced the dissolution of the administrative committee in Gaza while Fatah, which has imposed sanctions on the terrorist organization over the past two months, applauds the initiative.

Abbas’s leadership to be tested

Abbas’s leadership to be tested Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Fatah is commending today (Sunday) Hamas’s plan to hold an election in an attempt to reach an internal Palestinian reconciliation. Mahmoud Aloul, a senior-level official from Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’s movement, applauded Hamas’s new approach. “If this is Hamas’s statement, then this is a positive sign,”Aloul told Reuters. “We in the Fatah movement are ready to implement reconciliation.”

Abbas Zaki, another senior-level Fatah official close to Abbas, also commended the initiative. “We don’t want anyone from the general world and especially from the Arab world to say that we are preventing the reconciliation,” Zaki stated. “We support it.”

4-6 hours of electricity in Gaza

4-6 hours of electricity in Gaza Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Hamas Spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum also addressed the major announcement. “Hamas has now made a brave, serious and patriotic decision to dissolve the administrative committee (in Gaza),” Barhoum said. “Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah are facing a new test of coping in light of the Egyptian effort and the aspirations of the Palestinian people for a united Palestine, for the sake of freedom, to deal with all the challenges and most importantly, to deal with the Israeli settlements. The Hamas movement is prepared to overcome all of the obstacles together with the Egyptians in order to achieve the Palestinian people’s aspirations through the reconciliation and unity.”

The last election held by the administrative committee in Gaza was in 2006, when Hamas achieved a surprising victory leading to the political rift between Ramallah and the Gaza Strip. Hamas and Fatah even waged a short civil war in Gaza in 2007 and ever since, Hamas has controlled Gaza.