In a small town in Australia, a father beat his son to death at the end of cricket practice in front of other children. Police arrived at the scene and shot him in the chest after he waved a knife and threatened violence at the police.

Boy who was murdered by his father

Boy who was murdered by his father Photo Credit: Instagram

A shocking incident occurred in Australia on Thursday when a father beat his 11 year old son to death during cricket practice. Policemen who were called to the scene by bystanders shot the father to death. The reasons behind the father’s actions remain unknown.

The tragic incident occurred in a small town located approximately 100 kilometers south-east of Melbourne in southern Australia . The boy was beaten to death by his father after completing a practice with his fellow team members from the young cricket team of the town in front of bystanders, including other children who practiced with him. He suffered severe head injuries and died soon afterwards.

Parents of the other children alerted the police who after arriving, found the 54 year old father holding a knife and threatening to commit violence against the policemen. They sprayed pepper spray at him in an attempt to neutralize him, and when the attempt failed, they shot  him in the chest. The father was then flown to a hospital in Melbourne but later died from his wounds.


Wife of suspect and mother of victim, collapses at the scene.

The wife of the deceased father and mother of the dead child arrived at the field, and in response to the traumatic incident, started shouting and eventually collapsed in obvious shock at what had taken place. fragment cricket ground when she realized what had happened. The father and mother were still legally married, but they had been estranged from one another in recent weeks and have also been in the midst of litigation regarding custody matters.

The local police chief Doug Frier made a statement to the media confirming that “the man that was shot in the chest by the police is the father of the child who died. There are no other suspects in the incident.” He also added that “the child ‘s injuries were serious and significant, and they caused him to die. I cannot describe them in detail but will say that they were very brutal  We’re still trying to put together all the pieces that led to what happened.” Police are currently conducting further investigations regarding the incident by interviewing witnesses who were at the event, including children and their parents.